Kind of not dead….

According to the psych gurus there are 16 personality types. (see link)
I have identified my 6- four of them more ‘autie’ ones

I asked chris to do the maths on how many different combinations there would be of this 16 based on equal probability and a plus or minus score for each of the 16.

he found that there were 65,536 possible combinations of which mine is one.

I wanted to know how many people like me or my grandmother or grandfather or father there were in the whole world (because if their personality combination existed in someone else, they’d be kind of not dead.

We worked out there would be roughly 98818 people with my combination (or theirs) in the whole world right now… almost 100,000.

So there’d be about 50,000 of our own gender and around 10,000 of our own gender in roughly a 15 year age range of any one person. Auties then being about 1 in 200, there’d be 50 of these who would also be on the autie spectrum.


When I met Chris I felt instantly familiar and safe, later I realised he had the same personality as my grandfather and when he met my younger brother (who I adore), they each noticed they were very alike… in fact down to one personality trait different… and the one most like my grandfather turned out to be Chris.

So, in a sense, reincarnation does exist… that the ‘feel’ of a person can be born in a different person is true.

Its wonderful to know that we are unique yet not, that people die, yet someone who will evoke the same familiarity and compatibility (or nemesis for that matter!) will be out there somewhere in the world.

It gave me great peace.

🙂 Donna Williams *)

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